I'm Cedric, a Game Designer currently studying at Future Games in Stockholm.

At the moment, I am doing my internship as a Game Developer at Flarie.

My prior experience includes 2 years as a Game Developer student at Stockholms University.

Here I learned the basics, found my bearings and figured out what I want to focus on in life.


I am a Game Designer. Scripting systems, mechanics and rapid prototyping has been my main focus, however I have also made great efforts to learn level design and UX. Having more knowledge of cross-disciplinary skills has benefited my personal work. I believe it gives me a wider perspective in a team, which allows me to act as a bridge between each discipline with my work.


In my spare time, if I'm not creating or playing games, I like to play D&D, board games, such as Terraforming Mars, Scythe, Concordia etc.  I used to regularly visit a place in Stockholm, Old Town, on their Wednesdays board game evenings. 

I'm also active in my local municipality where I'm on the Election Committee.



Phone Number:
(+46) 070 486 93 33

Current Address:
Sjödalsvägen 7B
Huddinge 14147

Time Zone:
UTC +01:00 
GMT +01:00 / Winter
GMT +02:00 / Summer